Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emily's Nursery is Done

I have been planning and waiting to complete Emily's nursery for quite some time. I knew Emily would be sleeping in our room till she was at least 3 1/2 months or so, but not quite till now. I know I am not going to like having her sleep so far away from me, but it will be very nice for her to have her own room. We have had family staying with us which is one of the reasons her room was not finished. But now it is complete! I have been working very hard on every detail of her room. I made the letters of her name on the wall, and because Chris didn't want me to spend money on a chandelier, I managed to find one at a consignment store and spray painted it white, and added the beading to make it look like a crystal chandelier, saving me tons of money. I told him that I would find a way to get one in her room and I did. I was very proud of myself. I was going for a shabby chic look. Chris helped alot by helping Aaron paint the room the beautiful pink that it is, I thank Aaron very much for his hard work. Chris was also very patient with me, and put up all the wall hangings, and not to mention the chandelier, which he had a hard time with. I am so glad I have a handy man, because if not I could not have done any of this. I am so happy it's done.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cameron's Birthday

Jathan playing with Tyler

Me and Rachael with sleeping beauty

Time is flying by way too fast. It seems like everyone is having babies, and then those babies are no longer babies, but smart little two year olds. I remember with Tyler I was anxious for him to grow up, and start crawling, then walking an talking. With Emily I am eager to push on the brakes, and stop her from growing at all. So now that I see all these other babies growing up, I want to do the same, and just stop time for a while. Cameron is now two years old, and smarter then ever, I have to really commend Rachel on what a wonderful mother she is, and what a wonderful child she has. Cameron is so sweet, and calm, and loving in every way. We had a great time celebrating his birthday, Tyler had alot of fun. I love how Cameron's favorite word is "Ya", he just agrees with what you say all the time. It's so cute how he says it. His birthday was at the Trails park, and there was yummy chick fil a nuggets and pizza, and fruits, and cake...what more can you ask for? We were so glad we to have been there. Cameron we love you. Happy Birthday

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I had this idea in my head of Emily all wrapped in pearls wearing a tutu and I thought it would make for very cute pictures. So I put my idea to the test, an I thought she looked so beautiful, We had tons of fun taking them, and she really loved playing with the necklaces. Sorry I had to put so many pictures, but I had a really hard time narrowing down the ones I liked. Photography by Jennifer....lol

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Princess

Here are some cute pictures of my baby girl, she is so cute, and gets more beautful each day.

First time with bubbles

Emily's First Park Expierence

Emily is just like her brother, she loves the park. This was the first time that she went on the swing and the slide, and although she enjoyed the swing more, she really enjoyed being outside. She had a lot of fun with Tyler and her cousins. Ethan was a good helper, and helped me push her very slowly on the swing. She had so much fun. We have gone to the park before but never on the swing. When we go we typically lay on a blanket and play with toys. She had a good time when Riley joined us (her friend who is just a week or so younger). Emily showed her little evil side by continuing to take back her toy from him. It was kind of funny because anytime Riley got hold of it, she was so quick to take it back. It will be so much fun when she can walk and really enjoy running around the park.

Valentines Day

A day of love! I truly felt loved, for Valentines day Chris bought me a beautiful heart necklace. It was so romantic, he knows how much I love jewelery, and it was sweet that he picked out something that I really liked. He also planned a really fun weekend in Orlando. He made me feel very special. I love him very much, and I am glad that he is my husband.

Tyler had a valentines party at the library and loved it very much, he enjoyed story time, and a puppet show followed by wonderful sweets with his friends. We checked out some good books about showing love, and he loved them. Its his new favorite thing to do, is to have story time with mommy. He colored a picture for daddy. Emily dressed up for the occasion and got extra kisses from mommy. I love holidays!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Emily's Pony Tail

I think that this has to definitely be just one of the many reasons that I love having a baby girl, and it's that you get to not only dress them up super cute, but that you get to play and accessorize their hair. Emily is not quite seven months yet but I can already give her piggies and finally a pony tail. It is so cute, and I love doing her hair. I think it makes her look a little older though. It's just fun playing around and trying new styles with her hair. I also love her in the flower headbands, I have made a few new ones for her. She is so beautiful!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ethan's got some moves

Here are the kids dancing today at the Library, Tyler did a little bit of dancing but I never caught it, Although Ethan and friend Alyssa were dancing animals. It was really cute. Ethan usually acts a little shy when we go to to storytime, but today he participatedd and put his picture up on the storyboard and even danced so I'm glad I got it on camera. Cute huh?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bath Fun

Her Long Hair

TyTy giving sissy Kisses

Loves playing with toys

Since Emily has been sitting up better I use the sitting side of her bath tub, and she loves it because she can play with the water instead of just laying down. She is so cute, she loves the water and Tyler loves taking a bath with his sissy. Its really cute when I pour the water over her hair, you can see how long her hair is, its too cute, I took a picture to show off her gorgeous long hair...:)

Emily saying DaDa

My princess is now becoming a little talker, she loves to hear herself...she says alot of dada dada and sometimes mamama, and nananana.....when you smile at her she laughs and does it even more shes a little performer. I love her so much!!

Don't ask, I have no clue

He didn't get this from Chris and he surely did not get this from me. I went to go get Emily from bed and I come back to the living room to change her diaper and I look to check on Tyler and this is what I saw. I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera. There he was one hand down his pants just sitting there as if he was Al from Married with Children...LOL I hope this habit is not a lasting one. He has yet to do it again, thank goodness.

What was I thinking?

This is what happens when your feeling overwhelmed at the store with two children, and one of them happens to have not taken a nap and is very cranky........

What does a mother who has given up and can't take it anymore do to make her child happy and content when all else has failed??......

You give them something they love and is sure to keep them content, and then after it's all done and you see the end result of your actions,.... I asked myself WHAT WAS I THINKING??? LOL

It was almost the same size as his head

Messy Face

That is the smile of True Happiness