Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tyler and Emily can swim

I have been very proud of my children, that they have learned and love to swim, this summer. Ever since moving to a house with a pool, I had my reservations, and was fearful of the thought of one of them falling in. Tyler learned to swim with his floaties when he was 2 years old, but winter came and we hadn't been in a pool for quite some time. He had almost forgotten how to swim. After many days in the pool, he even learned how to swim without his floats. He wanted to do it all by himself. He loves it so much. He is very fearless, and jumps in the deep end and is practicing how to float on his back. He can do it for a short while, but he loves it! He has also learned how to dive. It's one of his favorite things to do in the pool, to dive for his torpedo toy.

I am also so proud of Emily, who has also learned after only a few times in the water how to swim with her floaties on. She too loves to float on her back. I am glad I have children who love, and are not afraid of the water. It's been so hot lately and it's what we do most of our time. They can't get enough of it. They are practicing with daddy how to do different things all the time, and we are working on learning survival skills as well.