Monday, June 15, 2009

Diana's and Erech's Bday Celebration

Dianas birthday is Tuesday the 16th and Erechs is on the following day, but we celebrated as a family on Sunday because my grandma was in town from Colorado. She doesnt visit us often so it was special for us to celebrate all togehter. It was so much fun, filled with yummy food. Erech loved his cake, and boy did the kids have a sugar high later on. We are going to Disney tomorrow to celebrate even more, especially since it will be Diana's actual birthday. I can't wait. Happy Birthday Erech and Diana. We love you

Emilys First teeth coming in

Here are the first two on the bottom, the doc says she will be getting all of hers all at once. This is the start I guess, so cute! Finally at almost 11 months old
It's hard to see I know, but you can start to see the little whites starting to come up.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My sick baby

Update on my little princess. For the past two days she has not been eating, and had a low grade fever, and so I thought for sure teething, but instead of being cranky she was the complete opposite. She would sleep all day, would not move and want to be held and just sleep. I felt so bad, and I became worried when it was almost 3 days of no eating and hardly no drinking. So today I took her to the ER to see a pediatrician and he said it was most likely a combo of a stomach virus and teething. She will probably get all her teeth in at once he said. Her gums were very swollen. I felt so bad for her. She did better once I brought her home and ate some dinner. I hope her teeth come in soon. This was one of pictures I got of her passing out anywhere she was.

So proud of my Hubby

I just wanted to quickly mention how proud I am of my husband. I could write an entire novel about how great he is, but I just wanted to share how smart he is, and that I am so proud of how successful he is at his job. I recently had the chance to visit his work for the second time, and I am still so amazed at what he does. It is so complicated, and stressful, and so much involved its amazing. He works for the Daytona Beach Air Traffic Control. His job requires so much knowledge of radors, communication with pilots..who may I add dont always have great english speaking skills. Anyways lets just say its a very tough job, so I just wanted to share that I can't imagine doing what he does. When you go to vist, its almost like they screen you for th FBI so you are not supposed to take pictures, even though I wanted to show the neat view from the top of the tower. I got some images from yahoo just to show how cool it is, they all pretty much look the same, at night its really neat b/c you can see all the lit up lights on the runway, and the airplanes flying in. Love ya hunny, your so smart!

Summer Fun

When its hot there is nothing more exciting than getting wet and cooled off. The kids love the splash park. Emily has gone before but didnt have as much fun as this last time since she could move around. She loved the water and loved attempting to drink it. Tyler has so much fun running around with his cousins and friends. They could't get enough, plus its nice for us to relax, get some sun and not sweat too death. Here they are having fun

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nanas Trip to FL from PA

Nana bought a slip and slide for us to enjoy in the extreme heat.

Tyler had a blast, Nana was pushing him very high.

Very windy day

Just a few pictures from our visit to St. Augustine, It was also very hot this day, but we had a nice breeze at the top of the castle.

Nana DElmonico came to visit us last week on Friday. I was so glad because before her visit we had rain for 6 days straight. I was hoping we would have atleast a few days of sunny weather so we could enjoy the pool and do fun things togehter. WE were lucky and we got tons of sunny days. Some days were too hot. One day we went to the park and it was so hot we could only stay for 20 minutes. Tyler and Emily had so much fun with Nana. Emily loved giving her kisses, and Tyler enjoyed running around with her. On her last day we were able to go out to dinner with out the kids, and it was so great. We miss her already, and cant wait til we go up for Christmas. WE Love you Nana!!!

My little Emily with a Big Appetite

I am so proud of EMily. She is the best eater. Well some might question why I would be so happy, but when I compare her to Tyler who would only eat baby jar food til he was 18 months old, and was so picky, I am jumping for joy she is not the same way. Not only does it save me tons of money from not having to but the jars anymore, but it just makes feeding her so much easier. She will eat anything I place in front of her and does well with feeding her self. Well with her fingers anyway. I am working on getting her to get used to using utensils, but fingers are fine for now. I am so proud of my little Emily.

Also Emliy Update

She is crawling so well now, she no longer crawls with one leg tucked in. She goes much faster now, and is doing well with lifting herself up. Took her little while, but now she has the hang of it. And also we discovered today that she is in LOVE with the swing. If we took her out of it she let out the loudest cry, then we felt bad and put her back in, and we went to take her out and she would sad. She is just growing up and developing such a fun personality. She loves to play games like peekaboo, and likes to make us laugh. She is so much fun!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Emily is Finally Crawling

Finally at ten months Emily is beginning to crawl. She used to just roll to get what she wanted, but out of nowhere she began scooting. She keeps one of her legs tucked in, but its a start. I am so proud of her. She is also beginning to take steps where before she would keep her legs very stiff, and not walk. With our help ofcourse holding her hands. I love to watch her move, I think its so cute. Go EMily!!!!