Saturday, July 25, 2009

My baby is 1

I have been slacking on posting blogs lately. So this is almost a week late, but on Tuesday July 21st my baby girl turned 1. I can't believe it. Time really does fly by when you have two. I am excited for the new things she will be able to accomplish with turning older, and I can't wait to see her personality grow. She had a wonderful time, and loved eating her cupcakes. She recieved great gifts from all her friends. We thank everyone for them! I think it wold be nice for her to just stay at this age though, she will always be my baby no matter what.

Friday, July 3, 2009

PLease..Stay Still

These are the only two pics I could get out of the million I took of this speed racer. She wont stay put for me to take a picture of her. I am trying to get one for her birthday invites. Wish me luck, thought I would share these. She is my cute little princess.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Love for Coupons

It has become my new hobby/second job. It takes determination, and dedication, but is so worth it in the end. I never thought so much went in to saving coupons, and being a smart shopper, but it does. It is the greatest feeling in the world, when you see how much stuff you get for so little. I am starting to get better at it, and I am glad I have my partner in crime, my sister to do it with me. It's our new world, we dont shop for anything anymore with out a coupon, and unless we are getting a great deal, we dont buy it. Well this last week was one of the best/worst times I have had with couponing. WEll I say the best because I saved the most to date, and worst.... b/c my sister and I did save so much, I felt that my integrity was questioned and it left me with a bad feeling all week.

My sister and I saved alot at Publix, and we were just given an extra hard time by the manager because she wasnt sure how we were doing what we were. I understood that she had to check and make sure the cashier was doing things properly, but its the manner in which she did it that had me feeling upset, we were looked at as if we were criminals. And although I have a temper, I usually dont use it in such instances, I was as pleasant as I could be smiling and asking what I could do to make things easier, as if I hadnt done so already. I felt so uncomfortble, only assuming that when I did return to shop there again my sister and I would be viewed as girls who try to scam the store or something. So I returned to speak to the manager. I apologized for anything, and I told her I understood she had to do her job, and that I would do the same in her position, accept for the way that she made us feel. I explained everything about what we do to save money, and assured her and explained that we were not scamming the cashier, and that I did not want to feel uncomfortable shopping there. Long story short anyways I called corporate the next day and spoke with a district manager to get the specifics on the rules for using our coupons, and I also called the same manager from the previous night to ask her what she may have noticed wrong with our reciept. The issue she had I addressed with the district mgr, and she apologized to me, and said it was no problem. I just felt good that I stuck up for myself, b/c normally I am timid in these situations, but this time I couldnt let it slide.

So this was my great savings at Publix this week..

My total should have been $175 and I paid $52 savings of $123
My List:
4 Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites
2 Sara Lee Cheesecakes
4 Boxes of Post Banana Crunch Cereal
1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
1 Hungry Jack Syrup
3 Bags Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegtables
6 Hefty Ziploc Bags
2 Land O Lakes Spreads
4 Jars of Claussen Pickles
2 Kraft BBQ Sauce
2 Frenchs Yellow Mustard
3 Raid Bug Killers
2 Arm and Hammer ToothPaste
3 Reach Toothbrushes
3 Reach Floss
2 Kotex Tampons
1 Dove 6pk Bar Soap
2 Sara Lee Pound Cake
1 Peperridge Farm Bread
1lb Deli Meat
1/4 lb Deli Cheese

I also saved at CVS with just a small purchase of the same item, but a great deal. I got 16 Soft Lips Organic Lip Conditoner which are normally $3 each.
I got them all for FREE for a savings of $60...Total was free, how cool is that?

Silly Girl

Thought this was a cute/funny pic of Emily and her new love. She loves loves the 4wheeler. She will throw a huge tantrum when you get her off of it. She literally tries to get back on like a pro riding a bike. LOL She lights up when she's on it. When she is big enough we will have to get her one of her own. Thought I would share