Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tyler can swim

I am so proud of my baby. Today Tyler went swimming in the pool with his floaties all alone. He was scared at first, and it wasn't till today that he got brave enough to do it all by himself. He even told me "momma..move". I went swimming and asked Diana to keep an eye on him. When I got up from the water Diana told me to look at him and there he was swimming to me all the way in the deep end. He did so good. I'm still just so amazed, now he can really enjoy the pool. He did not want to leave today at all. Emily had a blast too in her floaty. She loves the water. We are going again tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike part 2


So to celebrate Michaels birthday all together, we went to Texas De Brazil for dinner. It is the best place ever. I could go on for days about the food so I wont even go in detail, lets just say its too good for words. We had such a fun time. If you havent been there def. go, you wont regret it. Happy Birthday again Mike.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hmm...Is that Chocolate?

Gross, I know, sorry.

Oh my, never thought the day would come. I go to open Tyler's door when he woke up in the morning, and the first words out of his mouth is "momma towel". It was dark so I couldn't see, and I thought he might have thrown up b/c he had a couple nights before. Pants off, no diaper, then it hit me ...So he comes out, and sticks his hands out, and they are covered with brown stuff. On his trampoline was his dirty diaper. He had taken them off and I guess accidentally touched his rear. I know he didn't like it that's why I say accidentally because I think he touched it to get his diaper off, b/c then later in the day I shut the door in his room and noticed it spread all over, I guess he had to smear it somewhere. I also think he is just not liking the feeling of a dirty diaper anymore the past few days hes been going to the potty more often. He even went the other day all by himself, he puts his potty seat down, and climbs up with his stool. He told me to move away so I go on the bed, and I come back and he went #2. He goes alot now, so I am hoping this is the cause if the mess in the morning, b/c I don't want to have to experience this mess again.

To big for the bumbo

I think she prefers the highchair too

Its Official..Emily is too big for the bumbo. She can still fit in it, but has mastered the art of getting out of it all to well for it to be considered safe. I used it so much with her. It was so much easier to feed her in there then to roll out the highchair from the garage. She had been doing it for a while, stretching her body all the way back, but never got out. The other day had the worst scare ever. I usually sit her in the bumbo on the table with Tyty to eat breakfast cause they will play together. I was getting her breakfast ready, when I turn my head to see her full body stretched out on the very edge of the table, had she not been reaching for Tyler's food, and had I not got there in the exact second I did she would have rolled over and fell on the tile floor. I screamed so loud, and I never regret anything more than this. Had she fallen I would have never forgiven myself. I learned my lesson, and out came the highchair. Its actually so much easier to feed her in that, so man bumbo is out. Its still a great invention though.

Emily is 9 months old tomorrow. What a big girl. She eats just about anything, and is loving more solid foods than her baby jar food. She also uses her index and thumb together really well to grab her food and put it in her mouth. She loves to feed herself. I am working on getting her to drink from a sippy cup because she still just wants to bite it rather than suck, not sure if it's cause shes teething or just not ready. She doesn't crawl, but "rolls" to get around, so cute. And we are still waiting for teeth to come. She has been practicing and is doing really well with saying hi and bye, its very cute. I'm ok with her staying the age she is, she is my perfect little baby. Loves to dance, and jump, and make funny noises.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike

Yum Yum

Today was my brother's birthday. He lives all the way in Titusville, which is a lil ways from Ormond, so he wasnt expecting us to come visit him at all. Diana and I with my mom and the kids went to see him so we could wish him a very Happy Birthday and enjoy his favorite German Choolate cake, and cupcakes. He was so surprised. Tons of fun. Happy Birthday Mike. I have the greatest brother, he is very thoughtful, and caring, and super funny. We get along so well, and I am so glad he is my brother. Love you Mike

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just cute pics of my cute kids

I just love my babies, its fun taking cute picturs of them. I just think they are super cute.

Emily's Doctor visit

She was so brave...she wanted to eat it the whole time. So cute

We took Emily today to see the doctor because she was sick a couple weeks ago with a cough, and she got better and stopped coughing but her voice has been different and very weak sounded like she had laryngitis. Well she did have an infection and it got down to her lungs...poor girl. I hate to see them sick. We got her some medicine and she will be fine within 5 days. But I wanted to update on her growth since its been a while since she last got weighed.

Emily Ann is

19.3 lbs

27 and 1/4 " tall

The doctor says she is a perfect baby, which I already knew...:)

She is growing so fast, soon she will be 9 months old, I cant believe it. No teeth yet, but they will hopefully come soon she is teething very bad. She is very healthy, and we are very blessed to have a beautiful princess.

More Easter Events

It was tough getting him out of the truck

Poor bunny it was like 100 degrees out, so I just snapped real quick and this was the best shot I got out of there was a big line of kids waiting

He loved it!

Saturday we enjoyed a very nice Easter celebration they were having at the Bicentennial Park on beach side. It was so much fun, and very well put together. It was a really nice park, they had a large open field, and it was filled with inflatable bounce houses, and a huge slide. Tyler had a blast! They also had the fireman out showing the truck and giving out helmets for the kids. It was so cute because Tyler loved it so much, he did not want to get out. He felt so proud to have his hat on and junior firefighter sticker on. He got to sit in the front seat and play with the steering wheel..he was in heaven. They had so much to do, and it was all free. After a fun day they had a huge Easter egg hunt. Tyler did so well running so fast and grabbed lots of eggs. This is really nice because then mommy can give those eggs to the bunny for him to re-use when he comes to our house for our hunt:) I love seeing Tyler so happy, he had such a great time.