Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pictures for Nana in PA

Emily's Nana who lives all the way in Pa, bought her this cute little outfit, and Emily finally got the chance to wear it today since there was some nice sun out. Daddy was washing the truck so she wanted to participate outside, and so she got to put her little hat on, which is almost too small for her. She looks so adorable, and she wanted to show her Nana how beautiful she looks. Thank you for her beautiful outfit Nana. Emily loves and misses you!!

Emily' New Way of Sleeping

Emily and Uncle Mike

Her new favorite way of sleeping

I just wanted to quickly share how cute Emily is. She used to have to be held really snug in your arms in order to fall asleep. Latley she has chosen a new way, and ever so cute way of falling asleep. She wants to be all spread out in your lap facing forward with arms all spread out. We noticed her one day on her play mat on the floor, arms all spread out, and she was past out. It was so cute b/c normally she ould never sleep like this. She love it, so whatever the Queen wants she gets.

All about Tyler

I am so proud of Tyler he is growing up to be such a great boy. He had so much walking Baby Bear, and he did so good. Sometimes I wih he did have a puppy of his own, but right now it would be too much responsibility. Atleast I know he will doo a good job when he gets his own puppy. He loves Baby Bear and he had a great time with pepop..thats what he call his grandpa, dont ask where the name came from. Tyler is just a sweet boy with tons of love to share.

Giving Her Kisses

Tyler and Alicia Playing with Emily

He's also been so loving to Emily. He wants to give her kisses all the time. He gives her toys to play with and loves to talk to her and make her smile. When I give her a bath he wants to carry her into her bath tub, and I let him hold her, with my help of course, and he feels so happy about it. It just makes me smile to know how loving and sweet he his.

Rock On!!

Diana and Sarah Jammin

My new addiction has become playing Guitar hero. At first when the game came out never did I think that I would be intrigued by it. My sister and her husband bought the game, and after playing it I was pretty hooked, so we had to have one. Its really alot of fun, and now I can acutally have something to play on the Xbox, instead of always watching Chris play something. Lately it has become our game nights with everyone. Its fun to compete with eachother. I still play on the easy level, its kind of tricky playing on medium, I just need more practice.

Ben and Aaron being rockstars!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Give Thanks

What more could anyone ask for than to spend the day with family and friends, and enjoy good food. Our thanksgiving was lots of fun, filled with tons of food. We had my sister and her family, Sarah and Aaron Riggs, and John B. over. We enjoyed a great big turkey with mashed potatoes, cranberries, corn, bread, green beans, stuffing, and more pies than one could count. Aaron made an excellent chocolate mousse pie, which was a big hit, the kids loved it. It was a very nice time, and I wish it was thanksgiving more often. The things I am thankful for are my family, friends, and for all my blessings, which come from Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. The list could go on. Oh ya, Tyler tried mashed potatoes for the first time. Which is normally not a big deal to anyone else but coming from the pickiest eater in the world, it is, so I was proud of him.

The next best thing about Thanksgiving is that Christmas is just right around the corner. I love christmas, and I can't wait. We will be picking out our christmas tree soon, it will be so much fun decorating it, hopefully Tyler doesnt mess with it too much this year. Happy Holidays!!

J.B. Ready to eat

Our Delicious Turkey
Sarah and my dad

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Emily gets her shots

Emily is now 14 pounds!

She only cried for a few seconds. Brave Girl


Tyler loves Dr. Lawindy

My future little doctor

Today emily visited Dr. Lawindy for her 4 month old shots. She got two on both sides..poor girl. She did so good though. She only cried for a few seconds then recovered. We love Dr. Lawindy, he has been Tyler's doctor ever since he was a newborn. He is excellent. Tyler loves to go visit him. Lawindy lets Tyler play with all his gadgets, and he likes to pretend he is the doctor.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My baby is 4 months old

My Princess in her new bumbo seat, which she loves. Thank you Auntie Kim
One of many of Emily's signiture tongue out poses

Look at her gorgeous blue eyes..thanks to daddy

Here we go again with the tongue..looking at tete Diana

Emily Ann turned 4 months old on November 21st. I cant believe how fast its going. She is more beautiful each day. Its so fun watching all the new things she can do. She gazes at any little noise with her big blue eyes. She smiles all the time, and has begun to giggle more often. She loves sticking out her little tongue and making an owl whoo sound. Its so cute. You will see her infamous tongue pose in alot of pictures. She is the best baby ever! She sleeps wonderfuly, and has slept through the night very early on. She very rarely cries. Only when she really wants some attention. She is very calm and peaceful all the time. I Love her so much!!!

Gobble Gobble

Tyler's Finished Turkey Craft Ethans work of art
Erech very proud of his project

Celebrating Thanksgiving is so much fun. Food is great, and crafts are even more fun. Tyler enjoyed making these fun turkey crafts with his cousins Ethan and Erech. We traced out their hands and feet to make these cute little turkey's. Tyler did a lot of watching as mommy did most of the work, cutting out little hands...not the fastest, easiest thing to do I might add. But he had fun, and loved the end result. I asked him if he was thankful for mommy and daddy, and he said yes. I hope he has many things he is thankful for, and will express them to us later on.

Emily is Trying Baby Food

Yummy Yummy Bananas

My little princess is growing up. It goes by so fast when you have two children. Since she is growing, little rolls and all, she is trying new foods. Her first taste test included bananas, which she gave 5 thumbs up. She has not quite perfected the fine skill of eating, but is enjoying it in every messy way she can. Its a bit of work, you have to plan it just at the right time with her. If you feed her too late, she is too cranky and makes a big fuss, and too soon, she wont eat because shes not all that hungry. Its a fun adventure, and its fun to see her facial expressions with the new things she tries.

The boys in my life

My Handsome Blue Eyed Boys

I just had to quickly write about what lucky girls Emily and I are to have such wonderful boys in our life. I feel so lucky because, not in a boastful way, but I feel like I have such a wonderful family. I have my son, and my daughter, and on top of that a wonderful husband. He is so great to me. He is the most patient man I have ever met in my life. I nag him sometimes, because he is not as romantic as he used to be, but I forgive him for that because he has so many other great qualities that it makes up for that one flaw. He is such a great dad, and for that I am blessed. Its so hard to find that great guy, who is great at everything. I know his children love him so much. I truly hope that Tyler grows to follow in his footsteps. Tyler and daddy are such a fun pair, they make me laugh all the time. Did I mention how incredible cute the both of them are?

Finally some cold weather

I have to mention that although I grew up in Brazil with 100 degree weather, and have lived in Florida most of my life, I really cant stand hot weather. So I am in love with the little bit of chill we have been getting. Its been in the 60's on average, and thats just right for me. I love being able to put on a sweater, and not sweat to death. Tyler loves it too. On this day he wanted to go to the park so bad that he was willing to bear the agony of wearing all this clothing, not to mention his gloves. He loves the park that much. I thought he looked so cute all bundled up. I love winter, I wish we even had a little bit of snow for him to enjoy.

Our Anniversary Camping Trip

It has been two years, although it feels like much longer, that Chris and I have been married. This happens to be our first time celebrating our anniversary, because last year we both were so busy planning our temple marriage that we forgot our own anniversary. We were both to blame for that one, so neither one of us got in trouble.. My parents, and sister were kind enough to watch Tyler and Emily for us for two days. We had a great time. We went with Sarah and Aaron, and John and Nikki. Our first night had more downfalls that good ones. Everything that could go wrong did. First it was pretty hot, secondly it rained on us at least twice. Our tent got accidentally wet inside, so we had to sleep on a wet bed with wet blankets. Our last day was great though, it got cold, and we enjoyed great food thanks to Aaron and Chris. I had so much fun, and I wish I could do it more often.

Sarah and I ready to have a blast!

Out on the canoes

Talk about being scared..up close with the gators..

Delicious Abelskivers Aaron made for us to try, kind of like a pancake, but so much better. You add some sugar and syrup on top. Awesome!!