Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's a start

Well today was my first day of shopping using coupons (with actual planning that is..I've used coupns before) and trying to get the most I could for the cheapest. I am no where near being the KCL (crazy coupon lady) that I would like to be because for starters the deals I got today were only used with this weeks Sundays coupons. I didn't have previous coupons that I could have doubled up on. Secondly I tried to organize all my coupons and check out which stores had the best deals, all right before going. On top of that it has been a very gloomy day out, and I did all of this with the kids. Not fun at all. But I was brave, and I managed to get some good deals, and I look forward to putting more time and effort so my next trip will go more smoothly. I am going to plan ahead and go without the children. It's so amazing how much you can save. It takes time, but if you do it at night or when you have that extra time, it's so worth it. I can't wait to start getting stuff for practically free. I know I didn't do that well today but still good for my first day. The total for everything in the picture was 28.00. When I think about it just the Aussie shampoo and conditioner and gels and razors in the front, alone would have cost that much had I paid regular price. So its like everything else in the pic was free. I can't wait..
This is what I got
3 boxes of Kellogs cereal
1 Box of Cheese crackers
2 Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs
2 Aussie Gel
2 Aussie Haircare
2 Boxes of Wheat Thins
2 Bic Soleil Razors
Colgate toothpast
2 Double Stack Pringles
Johnsons Baby Wash
1 Herbal Essence Conditioner

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Tyler always imitates daddy, it's so cute

I love to see how much Tyler loves his daddy. He always wants to put on daddy's shoes, and play with his keys and hold on to his wallet to pretend he is Chris. When Chris has his days off and spends the day with Tyler I am completely invisible. He is glued to his dad. I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband who loves his children, and loves to spend time with them. I am so glad that he is a good example to him, because children observe everything we do so its so important for us to show them how to be.