Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Jumping back on the bandwagon, slacked for so long. So I am back to update you on the "Happenings" in the Delmonico household.

Chris celebrated his big 30th, something he wasn't so enthused about, but 30's are the new 20's, or so he says. Ah, age is just a number. We had a great celebration just the 2 of us, a day alone with no children, and it was nice.

Tyler turned 4 on January 2oth, he celebrated on the 15th with a Spiderman birthday, his
favorite for some reason. He is becoming so intelligent, it amazes me, he will start school in August which makes me happy and nervous at the same time. He has also started gymnastics, and he loves it. I can't wait to sign him up for soccer.

Natalie is now 4 months old, weighing almost 16 lbs 2 ft tall, and the sweetest little girl. She smiles a bunch, and loves to make noises. She loves Tyler and Emily so much, and you can tell because I try so hard to make her laugh, and all they have to do is talk to her, and she just gives them the biggest smile, and her sweet little laugh. She is a very happy and easy baby. We love her more and more each day.

Emily is 2 1/2 now and quite the diva. I worry sometimes..lol She is very sweet, but ofcourse being a girl, she has those moments..lol Very independent, and one tough little girl. She loves to play outside, and is rough and tough, but yet she likes and acts like a little princess, and loves to dress up, and loves it when she gets new outfits. She is a great big sister, and loves Natalie a bunch, sometimes too much:)

All is well, Tyler, Emily, and Natalie, keep us very busy. We love them very much. I hope to continue to keep up with the blog. Enjoy reading about our crazy lives.

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Hill said...

Welcome back!! We have to motivate each other to keep our blog updated.